Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Program

This is the recognized Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Program for exercise and rehabilitation. This is a 6 week post-operative workout program to enhance your recovery. Our instructors, Janet Konyn and Jennifer Martini were trained and certified by the Pink Ribbon Program,

Benefits of this Program:

 Regain Strength and Mobility in Affected Shoulder & Arm
 Promotes Lymphatic Drainage, Helping to Prevent Lymphedema
 Improves Functional Ability & Quality of Life
 Enhances & Restores Energy Levels
 Assists in Restoring Posture
 Decreases Stress & Anxiety
 Alleviates Pain & Swelling

This is a 6 Week Program, 2 days per week and can be taken in a private setting or with up to 4 people. Each session is 1/2 Hour. (If you would like to extend your program for 2 additional weeks, please inquire)

If you are interested in this program and would like more details, please contact Janet directly by e-mail: or by phone 845-546-0035. Your privacy will be respected.