Class Descriptions + Rates

Are you new to the Studio? Are you interested in Pilates or GYROTONIC® Methods? We suggest coming in for a private session. We will take you through a full body workout while teaching you how to apply Pilates/GYROTONIC® principles. You will learn how to strengthen your body safely and effectively, while maintaining proper technique. This session is the perfect way for a beginner in need of understanding the Principles of Pilates/GYROTONIC® movement. The class moves with more ease than our other class offerings and breaks down the exercises so you can find your core and understand your body’s connectivity while still experiencing a challenging workout. Come in and explore this private session for any modality we offer, just ask!

  • Private Class: Certified instructor and one client. All studio equipment may be utilized. Trainer specific to the individual needs and pace. Class fee: $80 or save with 10 pre-paid classes for $750. (If you are new to the studio we offer one private session at a special price, see below
  • Studio Duet: Two clients share the hour, with closely matched level. Refomer and other studio apparatus. Friends can come together, or we work to pair you with the right partner. Class is designed for clients specific needs. Close attention is paid to each individual. All equipment/apparatus may be utilized. Class fee: $45 per client.
  • Group Reformer: Three clients and class utilizes the reformers but may also include other apparatus based on the level of familiarity with the equipment. Great for a group of co-workers, friends or family that enjoy working out together, or people who enjoy a group dynamic. Class fee: $35 per class or save by pre-paying monthly and class is just $25 per class! .
  • Tower: Five – Eight clients make up this group, utilizing the wall unit/tower, interlacing mat work and tools including the Magic Circle to the mix. Class fee: $25 or 5 classes for $100.
  • Mat: Pilates mat class with a maximum of Ten clients in either open level or specified experience level beginner/intermediate/advanced. Economical and a great way to work the principles of the Pilates system. Class fee: $20 per client or save with 10 pre-paid classes for $180.
  • GYROTONIC® class types: Privates, Duets, and Semi-privates, at the same price rates as Pilates. We have 3 GYROTONIC® towers, and have groups on a set schedule. A new private class or group class can be booked most anytime, call or e-mail for an appointment or for more information.
  • GYROKINESIS®: upholds the same principles of GYROTONIC®, but does so without the use of equipment. It is similar to a dance or yoga class, as it is taught in a group setting. Like a dance class, flow and rhythm are essential to the curriculum. Note: unlike a yoga class, there is no position holding or potential for energetic stagnation. GYROKINESIS® can be booked as a private or duet, same rates as Pilates and GYROTONIC®, or more commonly in a beginner or open level group class for $20.
  • Barre: Can be booked as a private $80 or duet $45 or in an open level group class for $20 per class or 10/$180 or 20/ $320.
  • Cardio: This fast moving class utilizes kettle bells, medicine balls, stability balls, weights, and bands. This interval training helps to promote heart wellness, weight loss, and muscle tone. $20 per class.
  • PACKAGES: The best way to begin and become confident and comfortable with joining a group class is with a private session. Book a private Pilates or GYROTONIC® session – specially priced at $60 (can only be used once).Try It Package: 10 classes for $180. You may chose from the following group classes, Pilates Mat, Yoga, Barre, GYROKINESIS®, and Cardio. (for $20 more you may include a single Pilates Tower Class or for $25 more you may include a single Reformer class).

NOTE: our instructors are available for private house calls and special event classes, call our studio for availability and fees.