Gyrotonic + Gyrokinesis

Benefits of GYROTONIC Exercise

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM simultaneously stretches and strengthens muscles and tendons while mobilizing and articulating the joints. The system can dramatically increase range of motion, flexibility and coordination. The workout progresses through a series of exercises that can be customized to your body, goals and capabilities. The emphasis is on mobilization of the spine in order to develop core strength  that will carry through into everyday life.

Who can do GYROTONIC Exercise?

[gyro]GYROTONIC[/gyro] methodology which allows movement which will stretch and strengthen muscles, can be done by most people.  These exercises stimulate  and build up the connective tissue in and around the joints of the body which is beneficial for people from all walks of life, age groups and health.

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GYROTONIC Cobra Elites allow for small groups to work together in a private, welcoming and supportive environment. Core Bodies offers full and half hour private classes, duets and semi-privates.

What is the GYROKINESIS method?

GYROKINESIS exercise upholds the same principles of [gyro]GYROTONIC[/gyro] exercise, but does so without the use of equipment. It is similar to a dance or yoga class, as it is taught in a group setting. Like a dance class, flow and rhythm are essential to the curriculum. But unlike a yoga class, there is no position holding or potential for energetic stagnation.